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Born in Poland the INFERNAL BIZZARE is a thrash / death metal band. Their story begins in 2012 in the city of Łowicz a little later in 2015 release their first EP titled “Proemteusz.”

Now at the end of 2018, they released their first full length “Medium”, which shows a clear evolution throughout the band’s musical line, presents a more mature and careful sound.


Thanks for your time to make this short interview. We’ve heard your album and we are excited about asking few questions about it and the band.

SB: To make the band better known to the Portuguese public, let’s start with its origin, how did the idea of ​​forming the band come about?

Who would remember 😉 Our oldest member was 20 years old back then, and he’s the only one that survived in the band since it was started. One story says the idea came after some metal party. The other says it came out naturally from the creativity and passion to music. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle..

SB: Are you all from the same city? How did you start playing together?

We are all from the same city in Poland and this is how we started to play together. Some of us know the other since young times and some of us were smoking first cigarette together. Before we meet in Infernal Bizarre most of us were in other bands, not only metal, but also rock and jazz. Due to different transformations, life decisions which made people come and go, our current setup is a team of enthusiastic and hard-working people bringing the band levels up.

SB: Going back to your origins was it always this kind of sound you had in mind?

Yes, that was the tone that band had in mind for Medium album. The studio guy didn’t have easy life with us, and it took some time before we found the proper settings. We like how Medium sounds, that’s the Infernal Bizarre sound.

SB: How was your name invented? Is there some story behind it?

F***ing good story.. The name came from VHS cassette Porn movie from late 1990ties. By the way, we would really like to watch it, so if some of you have it in archives, please let us know!!! Anyway it sounded like the perfect name for the band.


SB: Which bands will most influence your thrash / death metal sound?

Mostly Death, Pestilence, Entombed, Kreator but also many other from different genres – these are the “Bizarre” parts. As we declare on our Bandcamp page our path has not been written and we constantly create new sounds.

SB: It is couple of years between the release of the EP “Proemteusz” in 2012 and now the album “Medium” in 2018 . Was the break intentional or what was happening during these years?

It did happen due to members fluctuation and personal matters. Medium is a collection of songs written and performed for some time now. This is summary of the best Infernal Bizarre over these years. We sponsored the recording and production ourselves, and we keep full rights to it and we are independent. It takes some time to collect the money needed to record, produce and release a new album. We don’t put much on the promotion either, it’s mostly social networking, gigs and interviews like this. Now new chapter is open, as we focus on completely new material.

SB: In Poland and at European level how is the reaction of your fans to this recent work? Have you felt a good acceptance?

We’ve got good responses in Poland and Europe so far, that for sure motivates the work on the new material even more and gives the feeling of job well done.

SB: What was it like when you first heard your work ready and finished for the public?

Very exciting as it is to see the effect of a long and hard work. And it is not only about the music, but also the cover, inside book with photos and lyrics including the English the translation. You can now touch it physically, play in your car when driving highway.. be careful though. the speed goes high since the first track.

SB: As a band, what do you expect this “Medium” album to bring you in 2019?

Entry to metal festivals in homeland and gigs abroad.

SB: Can this year’s 2019 live shows unravel some dates?

We’ve played two gigs in Poland already this year, we plan for few more gigs but dates are not set in stone yet. The only known date is August 31 as we organize an “Infernal Night” Fest in Lowicz – our city. It will be 6th edition of the event.

SB: Can we expect veils in Portugal one day? In your own concert or in a Metal Fest?

We are looking forward to it 😊

SB: The interview was short and simple, but the Som Brutal team wants to thank you for your availability. Do you want to leave a message to our readers?

Sure! Support the bands you do like. Go to a gig and follow the fan page. This means a lot and gives energy for the band. It’s fun to play anyway, but the real pleasure is to play a gig and see the energy and community of the people.

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