Secrecy – Beneath the Lies (edição especial do 15º aniversário)

Edição especial da reedição do 15º aniversário do álbum de estréia de “Beneath the Lies”, Secrecy. Inclui os dois álbuns, Beneath the Lies e OF love AND sin, e um CD bônus com duas músicas regravadas, demos, raridades e versões.

Beneath the Lies

One Day
Perfect Isolation
Sins for Love
A Myth
Who’s Talking, Who’s Crying
Wonderful Life
Cold As Ice
Hollow Man
Arise and Fall

OF love AND sin

Last Embrace [3:44]
The One that Death Deserves to Find [3:47]
Don’t Leave Me Scarred [5:09]
Shadows Call [5:06]
The Scarlet Dawn [3:42]
A Taste of Love and Sin [3:20]
Sweet Dark Love [3:35]
Angel Crimson Tears [4:53]
Since You’ve Gone Away [3:01]
Another Dimension… with Angels and Demons [4:41]

Arise and Fall (CD Bonus)

Arise and Fall (2019) [5:15]
One Day (2019) [3:21]
Cold as Ice (demo) [3:41]
Secrecy (demo) [4:45]
Sweet Dark Love (2007) [3:07]
Last Embrace (2007) [3:09]
Midnight Girl (2007) [3:19]
Body and Soul (demo) [2:44]
The One that Death Deserves to Find (demo) [4:28]
Another Dimension (demo) [4:18]
Angel Crimson Tears (demo) [4:22]
Sands of Despair [2:33]
Shadows Call (radio edit) [3:35]
Don’t Leave Me Scarred (alternative version) [4:46]

3xCD | ESW.CDA.004SE | Total time: 144:26 | Released on December 3, 2019 | 36 audio tracks + digipak

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